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         Selling With Lightning Capital FAQ'S

How much does it cost?

Lightning Capital’s fee to use the Seller Assist Program is equal to 5% of market value. This will be paid out of closing and will not be collected upfront. The program fee does not impact your 90% share. 

 If there are "Additional Proceeds" from us selling the property for a higher price, then both parties benefit.  Our interests are aligned with yours.  Any additional proceeds will be split 60% to you and 40% to Lightning Capital. 

When do I pay the program fee?

There are no upfront costs – you never pay until closing.

How does the additional proceeds split work? (called the Proceeds Plus)

EXAMPLE: Let's say the market valuation is $500,000 and your 90% share is $450,000 and the property sells for $525,00 the difference between the market valuation of $500,000 and the sale price of $525,000 is $25,000 of additional proceeds. The additional proceeds will be split 60% to you or $15,000 and 40% to Lightning Capital of $10,000.

How do property taxes work?

You will be responsible for paying the prorated property taxes at close of escrow. 

How do you determine the valuation of my home?

Lightning Capital's team of analysts conducts a thorough market value assessment of your home using both publicly available real estate data as well as information you provide. They consider the location, size, and condition of your home relative to other homes that have recently sold in the area.

How long does it take to get my offer?

If your home is approved, we will send you the Lightning Capital estimated "Net Sheet Offer" within 24 hours of the application being completed.

What if my house sells for less than the Lightning Capital Market Valuation or less than the 90%?

In the event that Lightning Capital receives an offer below market valuation, our fee will be adjusted to our company's minimum of $15,000. You'll then have the option to either proceed with the sale at the adjusted proceeds or reject the offer entirely.

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